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ROCK is a leadership, educational and resource organization dedicated to creating stronger communities and families by addressing:

     • Impact of pornography on families and communities
     • Growth of sexually oriented businesses in communities
     • Exploitation of women and children by the sex industry
     • Needs of individuals seeking healing from harms of

We invite you to partner with us to promote a wholesome culture in which families and communities can flourish!
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Friday, April 8
A Parent's Guide to Online Dangers
While the Internet can open up the world to young people, expanding knowledge and networks, it can also expose them to a host of negative experiences and content. Three of the most frightening experiences youth can have online involve: Internet pornography, sexual solicitations and harassment, sometimes known as cyberbullying.

Friday, April 8
What Parents Need to Know about 'Sexting'
Millions of youth today are putting themselves in potentially embarrassing, dangerous and even criminal situations through careless cellphone use involving sexually explicit text messages.

Friday, April 8
The Big Bang: Youth and the Digital World
A recent study reveals the average American youth now spends more than seven and a half hours a day on electronic devices such as smart phones, computers, or TVs, but many young people do not have proper safeguards to protect them from harmful content.

Thursday, April 7
Hyperconnectivity and Dangers to Youth
Hyperconnectivity is a term to describe the unprecedented amount of electronic media youth are using today. Research shows that the average young person is consuming nearly 11 hours of media daily, but is that a good thing?

Thursday, April 7
Tips for Reducing Children’s Media Exposure
Researchers and child advocates are becoming increasingly alarmed that excessive media use is negatively impacting millions of children in terms of grades, interpersonal relationships and delinquency. Research also reveals that parents can play a significant role in reducing youth media exposure and helping their children make wise media choices.

Saturday, April 2
Pornography in the Bedroom in a Digital Age
Not too long ago, parents may have been shocked to find a Playboy magazine stuffed under the mattress in a teen’s bedroom. While that may still occur, chances are greater that teens today are accessing pornography on any number of media devices.

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