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ROCK is a leadership, educational and resource organization dedicated to creating stronger communities and families by addressing:

     • Impact of pornography on families and communities
     • Growth of sexually oriented businesses in communities
     • Exploitation of women and children by the sex industry
     • Needs of individuals seeking healing from harms of

We invite you to partner with us to promote a wholesome culture in which families and communities can flourish!
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Read how everyday citizens have stood up, spoke out and made an impact for positive change!

Tuesday, May 3
Student speaks out to give truthful research to class
We recently received an email from Belinda in Lakeland, Fla, asking for help. Belinda, the mother of two and the grandmother of three, has gone back to college, but was disturbed by what she heard in one of her classes. She wrote: “The professor told our class yesterday that when strip clubs are opened, crime and drugs went down and that land values did not fall. It was hard to sit and listen to lies and my heart was burdened for the young college kids laughing and loving this.”
We sent Belinda links to well-documented research on the negative secondary effects of sex businesses. Armed with that information, she felt emboldened to confront her professor.

Wednesday, April 27
Woman addresses inappropriate magazines at a local store
How one woman made an impact for positive change at a local convenience store!

Thursday, April 14
Conversation with a local store manager
With the right attitude and reasons, customers can be the catalyst for change at their local convenience or grocery store!   Find out how you can have a conversation with your local store's manager.   

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September 8
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